AI-assisted video production

Seervision creates innovative camera automation software that makes live video production effortless. Our flexible solution allows you to produce professional video in your own way. Amplify your video production whilst reducing stress and costs.
Simplify and streamline your content by using Seervision’s AI-assisted camera automation software to create dynamic, fully automated video productions. Produce high-quality video with ease, using a system that is built to make your life easier and more efficient.
Transition from shot to shot without intervention, and rely on software powered by AI to drive your productions
Dynamic content
Amplify your video content with dynamic, consistent shots, using triggers and shot presets to run productions autonomously
Intuitive UI
Design flawless productions from pre to post production by using our web-based UI to plan your shots and monitor your camera feeds
Leverage your existing equipment or start from scratch using camera automation software that adapts to your needs. The Seervision Suite integrates seamlessly with a range of hardware options and production setups to simplify your processes.
Always ready
Produce and broadcast live video at a moment’s notice with a system that is ready to go 24/7, all you need to do is press record
Integrate any workflow
Integrate the Seervision Suite into your existing or planned production setup and stream live through any online platform
Hardware agnostic
Designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of PTZ cameras and robotic heads, so you don’t have to redesign your whole setup
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