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Smart and reliable auto-tracking

Never lose the presenter. Leverage the most robust auto-tracking software on the AV market to automate lecture capturing.

Full-body Tracking

Seervision’s state-of-the-art full-body tracking enables your Q-SYS cameras to automatically follow the presenter and correctly frame them or the whiteboard, delivering the highest production value for high-impact education spaces and lecture capture. Based on our AI-based scene understanding, you can create a fully customized workflow allowing you to set specific actions depending on the where the teacher walks on stage.

Trigger Zones

Trigger Zones allow you to drag and drop different areas on stage to automatically activate specific actions when your subject steps-in.

For each zone, create custom actions to be triggered depending on if the subject enters, stays, or leaves a specific zone.

For example, trigger tracking to start when the professor stands at the podium, or zoom in on the content when the professor is at the blackboard. The possibilities are truly endless!

Trigger Zones

Automatically trigger a container preset based on the lecturer’s position in the room e.g. start tracking with a half-body shot.

Exclusion Zones

Select an area to be excluded from tracking if e.g. students are entering through a doorway next to the professor during the lecture.

Fallback Shots

When the instructor moves into the tracking exclusion zone, a fallback standby position is automatically executed.

Works alongside your favourite tools

Complete integration possibilities


Integrates with Q-SYS cameras for high-impact collaboration solutions.

Control Systems

Integrates into the Q-SYS Control Engine and other connected hardware like the Epiphan Pearl for touch-panel based control.


Q-SYS high impact collaboration solutions are certified with all major UC Platform providers.


Seamlessly feed the camera outputs into your lecture recording platforms like Panopto, Kaltura, YuJa, Echo360, BlackBoard Collaborate, etc.

Always on stand-by

Ready to use 24/7, no need to be set up by teaching staff

Multi-camera setup

Works with one camera or a multi-cam setup

Advanced camera control

Fine-tune tracking settings and camera reactiveness for optimal panning motions and super smooth end results

Modular features

Enable end-to-end automation flows that adapt and evolve with your AV needs

More applications

We specialize in AV workflow automation for education, corporate meeting spaces, and broadcast studios. We are happy to discuss your requirements and find the best solution for your workflows.

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