Use case

Startup Invest and BCG’s virtual Venture DAY was a chance for startups to interface directly with the industry, pitching their businesses to potential investors alongside keynotes and workshops from corporations and experts

The Seervision Suite was employed to livestream the main stage events to an entirely online audience, providing a consistent and professional production

Key benefits

Seamless streaming of pre recorded startup pitches, switching back to live discussions and Q&As without interruption

Workshops and keynote speakers were all able to interact with audience watching online without difficulty, with only speakers present there was no need for a large venue for over 200 participants

"I think this way of communication will stay and become a part of the marketing toolset"

- Felix Gonzalez, BCG Marketing Manager

The event itself consisted of keynotes, startup pitches, breakout sessions, and 1:1 meetings with potential investors and partners. All of this took place online, utilizing the Seervision Suite alongside Hopin to provide a high-quality, professional production for all parties involved. Holding a virtual event in this way keeps cost down without compromising on participants’ experiences. With such a focus on pitches, it was crucial that the event gave those presenting just as much interactivity as would have been possible in person.

"To have solution oriented tech support when you’re dealing with new platforms is crucial"

- Felix Gonzalez, BCG Marketing Manager

BCG’s core outlook is based around helping ‘corporations think and act like venture capitalists’. They focus on a ‘portfolio of investable business ideas and a relentless dedication to consumers.’ This commitment is an outlook that we share here at Seervision: providing consumer-oriented solutions to real-world problems. By focusing on the key needs of the participants, the Seervision Suite allows users to manage virtual events simply, without compromising on quality.

BCG Setup behind the scenes

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