Elevate Your Hybrid Workplace with Hassle-Free Smart AV Solutions

Enhance the hybrid meeting experience with dynamic visual and audio-based camera automations that truly immerse remote participants. Gone are the days of retrofitting conference room solutions to large spaces, instead, choose your preferred hardware and automate it via Seervision’s intelligent features that adapt to the use-case, room layout, and seating configuration.

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of meeting

Next level automation

  • Track presenters smoothly and robustly
  • Dynamic speaker and group framing
  • Custom ‘if this, then that’ logic
  • Person specific triggers and automations

Integrates into your setup

  • Compatible with many PTZ models
  • Flexible production API
  • Works with tools like Zoom, Teams, Meet
  • Adaptive, no matter the room layout

Key benefits

Zero presets needed

Use the MXA920 and Seervision’s intelligent camera control to automatically point at the active speaker, no matter where they are in the room.

Playground for AV designers

Let your creativity run wild and create automations workflows that leverage Seervision’s scene understanding in any way.

Custom logic

Create custom logic based on your meeting preferences. i.e. show an overview shot after 5 seconds of silence.

Watch an example

Trigger Zones

Create different zones in 3D space that trigger actions. i.e. automatically start tracking if the presenter is at the projection screen.


Easily switch between modes or for example turn on/off group framing via the API and any control system of your choice (AMX, Crestron, QSC, etc).

Audio Triggers

Dynamically point the camera at the active speaker in the room or frame multiple speakers simultaneously to enhance the hybrid experience.

Robust Tracking

Never lose the presenter with Seervision’s computer vision based full-body tracking, even if the presenter's face is not visible.

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