Why produce more corporate video?

Effectively share information

Deliver your message in a memorable way, using the most powerful medium out there - video.

Engage with your audience

Capture your stakeholders' attention and grow your business with impactful video content.

Inspire and motivate teams

Drive alignment around company goals and updates by connecting with employees in any location.

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Demand for corporate video is rising fast

  • The recent global shift towards remote work and restricted in-person contact has increased corporate demand for live video content and interaction.
  • This higher-than-ever demand for video production is putting a strain on broadcast teams and their existing workflows.
  • Broadcast teams are now expected to significantly scale production, while at the same time striving for high quality and keeping costs low.
Workflow automation

Produce more video with less effort

Broadcast teams today need to produce more video content faster, within a limited budget. Seervision takes over the dull and repetitive tasks of live workflows, scaling up production without sacrificing quality. With its autonomous framing and tracking features, our software allows broadcast teams to focus on the crucial aspects in the production and react to unexpected situations.

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Extensive hardware and API integration

Make the most out of your existing resources

Save hours on the planning and training involved when adopting new equipment. Corporate venues can leverage their existing equipment and teams, automating their workflow without having to make radical investments. Seervision is compatible with a wide range of PTZ and broadcast cameras. Our software also integrates into existing corporate venue control systems through custom API.

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Flexible solution for any event

Quickly adapt to production requirements

The limitations of traditional broadcasting equipment do not allow operators to adapt to various use cases and scale their video production output. Seervision offers a reliable, flexible solution that simplifies live production workflows for a variety of corporate use cases. From CEO updates and panel discussions to trainings and all-hands meetings, our software adapts to each production’s requirements again and again, facilitating the capture of any corporate event.

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