Seervision Suite - General questions

  • The Seervision Suite is an IP-based audio visual automation software able to automate multi-camera workflows for corporate, stage and higher education video productions.
  • It runs on a server which can control up to 2 PTZ cameras at the same time. Server specifics are available here.
  • The user interface of the software is web-based, you can simply access it via a Google Chrome tab from any Windows, Mac, Linux laptop or PC.
  • Moreover, the Seervision Suite is hardware- and software-agnostic, meaning that it works with a wide range of PTZs (full list here) as well as streaming platforms and control systems.

In a nutshell: we control PTZ cameras’ movements (hence, your image quality and output feed delay won’t be affected). The Seervision Suite is based on computer vision and scene understanding, to provide a wide range of applications, among which:

  • Robust and stable Auto-tracking
  • Active speaker tracking
  • Workflow automation: through visual and audio triggers, the Seervision Suite can react live to what is happening in the room, and trigger specific actions depending on the presenter’s position in space. For example: emit a trigger event when the presenter walks in a specific area of the room (e.g. in front of the blackboard).

The main segments we serve are Corporate and Higher Education.

We work mostly with workflow automation in multi camera setups for large board rooms, meeting rooms and multipurpose rooms, as well as presenter tracking for lectures and events (lecture halls, classrooms, conference rooms, auditoria etc.)

Technical questions

Linux (Ubuntu OS). Virtual machines are possible but we only have one special project where we do this and are not rolling out at scale. We do it on a case by case basis.

Yes. The Seervision Suite is tuned to function even when the subjects are wearing similar clothes. There might be some edge cases where tracking might fail, for example in poor lighting conditions and/or when they wear exactly the same clothing (team sports), but for the majority of use cases, the system should perform well.

Our latest integration with Shure’s MXA920 ceiling array microphone now enables PTZ cameras to automatically detect and frame the active speaker, wherever they’re sitting in the room, without the need for fixed presets.

By using the automatic coverage mode from the microphone, we can create audio-triggered video workflows for any room setup, adapting to the layout and seating configuration autonomously.

Yes. It performs even better because the background is plain.

Seervision tracking technology works through full-body recognition, meaning that the tracking will be stable and reliable even when the presenter is turned around (e.g. writing on board) or wearing a face mask.

No, the interface is meant for the AV / IT team and just needs to be set up once at the beginning, then the system can operate autonomously 24/7. Teachers can be limited to on/off control via venue control panels (auch as AMX/Crestron etc).

The Seervision Suite can be integrated with venue control infrastructure like Crestron and AMX via Seervision’s API.

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