Seervision Suite - General questions

  • The Seervision Suite is an IP-based audio visual automation software able to automate multi-camera ProAV workflows in higher education and enterprise environments.
  • It runs on a dedicated server capable of controlling up to 2 PTZ cameras simultaneously.
  • The user interface is web-based, and accessible via Google Chrome from any Windows, Mac, Linux laptop or PC.

In a nutshell, it can control the movements of PTZ cameras by predicting people’s intended movement and enabling intelligent decision-making ‘on the fly’ that leads to smooth panning and zooming motions to track presenters.

The Seervision Suite is based on a computer vision architecture that provides robust full-body data to differentiate between talents, allowing the system to autonomously track presenters and build zone-based automation workflows.

Our solutions are mainly designed for applications in Corporate and Higher Education high-impact spaces.

Typically, these are multi-camera installations for large board rooms, multipurpose meeting rooms, as well as lecture halls, auditoriums and training rooms.

Technical questions

Seervision integrates seamlessly with the Q-SYS NC Series PTZ camera line, including the NC-12×80 and the NC-20×60.

Seervision runs on Linux (Ubuntu OS).

Yes. The Seervision Suite is tuned to function even when the subjects wear similar clothes. There might be some edge cases where differentiating between talents might be more difficult, for example. in poor lighting conditions or talents are wearing a uniform, but in most cases, the system uses with several unique identifiers that allow it to distinguish between talents in all sorts of circumstances.

Seervision tracking technology works through full-body recognition, analyzing a wide range of parameters from hair color to facial features, all the way to shoulder width or pose estimation.

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