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Use case

ICF is a non denominational church based in Zurich, Switzerland, with a significant congregation. Based in Samsung Hall, Dubendorf, the 3 celebrations they hold every Sunday attract thousands of online viewers.

Having been using the Seervision Suite for 3 years now, ICF is one of our longest customers. They make use of our Pauli robotic head alongside a Blackmagic URSA Mini camera, with volunteer operators using the system, led by an experienced technician.

Key benefits

With long celebrations taking place throughout the day every week, lots of repetitive movements can get tiring for a camera operator. ICF uses the Seervision Suite to ensure that their video stays smooth and professional no matter what.

As a House of Worship, ICF relies on volunteers for a lot of their camera work. Having a system that can be learned on a Sunday morning before a celebration is crucial.

"Seervision is allowing us to embrace a new way of communication"

- Marco Rychlik, Head of Video Production ICF Zurich

ICF have used the Seervision Suite every Sunday for 3 years now to ensure that the energy and smooth running of their celebrations is effectively served by their video productions. By pairing a Blackmagic URSA Mini with our Pauli robotic head, they are able to produce high quality videos without the need to hire an extensive camera operation team. By using the Seervision Suite, ICF’s volunteer operators are able to produce high quality video content with just a little training. With a range of needs, including preset shots and automatic tracking, the Seervision Suite perfectly complements ICF’s performances and ensures they can maintain quality whilst keeping costs low.

"We can teach a volunteer on Sunday morning, and they can use the system right away"

- Marco Rychlik, Head of Video Production ICF Zurich

One of ICF’s most significant core values is bringing people together, wherever they are and whoever they might be. Part of the reason they run so many celebrations each week is to celebrate in different languages for their congregation that don’t speak German. As ICF continues to drive forward in finding new ways to spread their message, we at Seervision are proud to help them to embrace all of the means of communication available. With around 3,000 live viewers every Sunday, and regularly over 10,000 views on their YouTube videos, it’s clear that ICF videos are having a lot of impact. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with them for many years to come.

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