Seervision is developing the world’s first fleet of autonomous robotic cameramen. These devices will be in the same autonomy level as self-driving cars and need to interact with human video makers in order to extend their capabilities as opposed to limiting them due to rule-based behavior. As en example of how these systems will look like, think of 3 Spider cams like the one used at the World Cup, all operated by a single operator from a futuristic interface (touchscreen, AR etc.). Seervision is currently active in the development of key elements of this autonomous cameraman pipeline:

  • We are developing a web-based interface with which video directors interact and command autonomous camera robots
  • We are developing a photo-realistic simulation of video productions in the form of a computer game connected to the back-end development of our robots. This is a fundamental tool in training directors and in testing new control algorithms before deploying them to our physical autonomous cameraman robots.

As part of these developments we need to focus on the efficiency of human-machine interaction which is core value proposition of the interface we are designing. At the same time, candidates interested in contributing in this design interaction should not remain on a theoretical design level but also be able to code the suggested solutions using modern web-based tools such as Javascript and React as well as potential AR interfaces. As the interaction interface is the main layer connecting our physical product and the game engine (that is currently implemented in the unreal engine), we are expecting candidates to take the lead in designing core visual elements of the computer game and interact with animators that will give to the current setup a realistic feel, closing the gap between a real video production and the virtual one.



Depending on the profile of applicants and their specific expertise, focus will be split among the following tasks of the development pipeline:

  • Lead the UI/UX discussion with customers of our existing robotic cameramen control unit
  • Implement and iterate on suggestions until releases are stabilized
  • Support the lead web front-end developer with programming tasks
  • Design visual elements missing from the game engine
  • Animate objects in the game engine (give realistic feel to the video production)
  • Lead the discussions and industry interviews on the next generation of interfaces e.g. using AR.


Expected skills

The tasks around the job of a UI/UX ninja involve the interaction with all the teams within Seervision. We do not expect candidates to have developed all relevant skill levels on day one but the goal is that in the long run candidates have the following skill set fully developed:

  • Deep understanding of modern UI/UX
  • Javascript, React and Html for front-end web-based development
  • Experience with developing elements in the Unreal game engine or similar
  • Experience with customer interaction
  • Experience with terminal usage either in Ubuntu OS or Mac OS
  • Basic Python programming
  • Basic usage of .git
  • Basic project management skills
  • Willingness to engage with in new technologies in interaction design