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Use case

The conference objective was to discuss and innovate on the impacts and the effective utilization of digitization in the modern workplace

Seervision joined the event to cover everything taking place on the main stage across the day, ensuring that the broadcasting of the conference was to a high professional standard

Key benefits

With SwissICT being such a significant part of the industry under discussion, it was crucial that the video production output of the conference matched their prestige

Seervision is the perfect example of the conference’s key message: effectively deploying digitization can reduce costs, increase productivity, and simplify processes, without losing any credibility

"Those at home weren’t second class viewers, they were first class participants"

- Stephan Lendi, Event Moderator

In 2020 digitization was more than just a discussion topic. The event was held as a hybrid conference for the first time, with attendees and speakers joining online and in person. 17 speakers joined throughout the day, alongside simultaneous workshops and main stage discussions. SwissICT needed a solution to broadcast the main stage speeches efficiently and professionally. The Seervision Suite was there to make that happen.

"I would recommend Seervision to anyone looking to take a hybrid approach in online conferencing"

- Christian Hunziker, SwissICT CEO

With a physical audience of 60 people for speakers to initially engage with, SwissICT were able to connect the rest of their audience remotely. This creates an invaluable experience for everyone, with online viewers able to engage in Q&As. Holding events in this way allows for a range of options for both speakers and audiences, allowing anyone unable to attend in person to be a part of the event remotely. A hybrid conference opens up your event to speakers and audiences, wherever they are in the world. It also gives those with accessibility issues equal opportunities to experience an event.

SwissICT Hybrid Conference

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