Seervision AG

We make cameras autonomous! Based on precise camera motion models, we always deliver perfect cinematography under all operating conditions. This enables new creative possibilities, better production quality, lower costs and easier planning.

Actual Footage

We show you real demo footage, 100% autonomously recorded. The footage was neither stabilised nor processed in any other way (well we graded it a little bit as you can see)


13100€ & 1330€/m

6550€ & 550€/m*

Our own development and pride. Our RD-1003 is completely silent and can be loaded with more than 15kg. With a speed of up to 180° per second, it is super fast and with its 0.02° per second, it delivers the precision you need for the most demanding applications.

Our offer includes the RD-1003 camera head, plus 3 lens motors and our 2RU processing unit with a one year software license for an incredible “IBC only” price. Getting an FTE was never cheaper!

*550€/m with annual payment, otherwise 845 per month

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3550€ & 1330€/m

1780€ & 550€/m*

You already have a camera head of your trust? And even if our own development is absolutely unbeatable in terms of specifications and price, would you rather use your existing head? We have good news! We support a wider range of existing solutions and if your head of trust is currently not in our portfolio we will charge a one-time integration fee of 3k

Our offer includes our 2RU processing unit, as well as an annual license of our software and access to our dedicated control interface for the one-time IBC special price.

*550€/m with annual payment, otherwise 845 per month

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we give 50% on

man days

So you’re a TV studio with a sophisticated robot system? Or are you a Hollywood drone pilot? Maybe you are the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and are tired of hiring 3 people just for the Spidercam? With these wishes you are exactly right with us. We will work with you to determine your needs and, if possible, integrate our software into your existing system.

Our automation software gets the maximum quality and efficiency out of every system.

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all offers expire on 30 September 2018

RD-1003 Anatomy

Adaptive Control

State-of-the-art, model-based path planning controllers take care of camera and lens movements optimizing accuracy, smoothness and sound


Frame sequences are constantly analyzed to determine the optimal 8D framing (yes; 8D) for all camera and lens dimensions

Vision Intelligence

Segmentation of the event scene at every frame for position tracking, localization and 3D reconstructions

Machine Learning

After every use, units store metadata to train and evolve all control and vision analysis algorithms. Some of it also useful for post-production (wink).


Powered by state-of-the-art GPU and compute modules to take care of frame analysis and trajectory planning in real-time


Compatible with all cameras and lenses. Automation level can be limited according to production requirements