Team banner for CEO/CTO interview (old)

Can you tell us a little about your role as CTO at Seervision?

As CTO I oversee our development effort for the Seervision Suite, as well as our new product AIRD. I make sure that we are developing the right solutions and that the development roadmap is on track. However, my most important job is to help create focus for the development team and make sure they have everything they need to build our products. We really live on the smooth running of the dev team so it’s a big priority to make sure they have everything they need to do their jobs.

What’s an average day like for you at Seervision?

I start the morning by reviewing and revising my priorities for the day – usually a list of 3-5 items. I also check on my schedule and make sure I am prepared for the meetings I have that day. As CTO I regularly check in with the dev team to see how they’re getting on, and it’s always fun to see if I can lend a hand on the more practical side here and there. From then on the day usually stops being typical and I balance making progress on the topics I am working on, helping other people achieve their tasks, and making sure my administrative and managerial duties are all covered.

Are there any customer projects you have been particularly excited about? Any that you’re looking forward to?

The Seervision Suite has a lot of untapped potential that we are now starting to really see our customers using on a regular basis. I am really looking forward to pushing the level of autonomy we can offer through our system and to enable new use cases. It’s a really interesting perspective as a CTO, as we’re always looking to improve in a way that keeps the development and maintenance scalable. I am also very excited about our new product AIRD and about the potential it has for helping make hybrid and online events more effortless for everyone involved.

What do you look forward to the most when you come to work?

I really enjoy the challenge! We have a great team and everyday brings new things for us to all get involved in. The team is always growing but I love that I still have the opportunity to have a direct impact on almost all aspects of Seervision’s progress. In a startup environment I think it can be easy to get caught up in what is coming next, but it’s also great to look back and see how far we’ve come and what we’ve been able to achieve so far.

Which technology are you most interested in seeing the video industry using in the future?

I am simply excited about making our solution as autonomous, reliable and user-friendly as we possibly can. Now that I’m CTO I don’t get as much time to keep an eye on what everyone else is doing, but it’s also really cool to see that the wider video industry is moving more and more towards remote productions. People are embracing automation and are seeking out solutions with increased scalability and flexibility. I think cloud and as-a-service models will be increasingly important here. There is also constant progress in the camera space and the equipment needed to produce high quality video is becoming more and more affordable and easy to use.

What do you get up to when you’re not at Seervision?

I have a young daughter (almost two years old now) and that takes up almost all of my time outside of work. Apart from that I enjoy cooking, reading books (preferably fiction) and just going out and exploring the wider Zurich area whether that means strolling around near Seefeld, visiting the Zurich Zoo, or sampling the coffee of one of Zurich’s many cafés.