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Seervision is partnering with the experts at Lang Baranday AG to serve as lead distributor to the AV industry in Switzerland. Lang Baranday AG will be a key partner in addressing the needs of our home market.

Working with the leading company in the AV industry is key to addressing the customer’s needs for production workflow automation. Lang Baranday AG has a long-lasting reputation as a distributor of high-end solutions for the AV sector. Their long-established experience and their expanded network of professional system integrators will perfectly harmonize with our drive to offer an innovative and industry-leading camera automation solution.

Switzerland is an essential country for Seervision not only because it’s where we are based, but also due to the rapidly increasing demand for high-quality video content and the steadily growing demand for production automation.

Nicola Votta, CEO of Lang Baranday AG states: “There is no doubt that the AV industry, in general, is experiencing a fast-growing trend of workflow automation. Lang Baranday’s focus is to stay ahead of the competition and curate a unique portfolio of products, and we are therefore glad to announce that we’ll be working with Seervision, introducing their solution for camera automation to our partners and customers.”

"Seervision provides an outstanding possibility to produce high-quality video at scale."

- Nicola Votta, Lang Baranday AG CEO

Our CEO, Nikos Kariotoglou states: “We are extremely pleased to announce Lang Baranday AG as our distributor for Switzerland. Their unique understanding of the Swiss AV market and their extended portfolio of products blend perfectly with Seervision’s technology. This collaboration allows the two companies to offer a complete suite for production automation that can be deployed for multiple types of use cases.”

Lang Baranday AG is a well-trusted partner of several system integrators in the Swiss AV industry. Together we will serve the rapidly growing demand for efficient & scalable ways to produce video content, especially in the booming market of online & hybrid events.

About Seervision

Seervision is a growing ETH startup with 28 employees based in Zürich, Switzerland. Founded in 2016, the company is developing camera automation software that simplifies and scales video production. The Seervision Suite can identify and track a person’s movements, autonomously adapting the focus, zoom and framing to produce the ideal shot. This technology enables broadcast teams to explore innovative production techniques, while delivering productions with consistently high quality and significantly lower costs. For more information, please visit

About Lang Baranday AG

LANG BARANDAY AG is a Swiss wholesaler of visual presentation equipment and its peripherals. Baranday AG was founded in 2006 by Nicola Votta and established itself as an important pillar of the Swiss AV market thanks to its comprehensive technical know-how. Over the years, LANG BARANDAY AG specialized in the rental and sale of video technology. Service and maintenance of professional equipment complement the sales and round off the service spectrum of LANG BARANDAY AG.

Through the merger in 2017 with LANG AG in Lindlar, Lang Baranday AG can include even more suppliers in its portfolio and expand it steadily. In addition to Barco, Lightware and Audipack, the company now also acts as a distributor for Panasonic and Epson.

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