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As part of our recent move towards international expansion, Seervision will partner with the expert salespeople at Villrich Broadcast to aid in the growth of the Seervision sales network.

With extensive sales experience and industry knowledge, within Europe and beyond, Villrich broadcast presents a key opportunity to continue driving forward into our increasing number of international markets.

Managing Director of Villrich, Richard Villhaber, will focus on new business development, opening new international markets and growing existing markets. Villhaber says: “With our extensive experience in EMEA, APAC, CIS, and Eastern European broadcast television and governmental markets as well as markets throughout the USA, LATAM and Nordics, Villrich Broadcast can help establish contacts and assist in negotiation for product placement and sales across Seervision’s product range.”

"Villrich Broadcast can help establish contacts and assist in negotiation for product placement and sales across Seervision’s product range."

- Richard Villhaber, Managing Director Villrich Broadcast

Roman Schweizer, CRO of Seervision, says “Joining forces with Richard Villhaber brings an experienced consulting professional with over 22 years in the television broadcast, sports, cinema and entertainment industries to our network. At Seervision we are always looking to develop our product and our vision, and finding the right people to join in that development is not always easy. Investments in the right people, as well as technology, are a key part of our long-term strategy for growth and international expansion. We look forward to growing with Villrich Broadcast by our side.”

As we continue to bring the Seervision Suite to an increasing number of countries and markets, experienced sales agents play a crucial role in ensuring that we understand every market and customer’s individual needs. We are therefore very excited to have Villrich broadcast joining us as partners, and are very much looking forward to building our professional relationship with them. At Seervision we are very proud of our product and there is not a member of our team that does not believe in the Seervision Suite’s global potential. To find a partner that shares our vision is invaluable, and we have found that in Richard Villhaber.

About Seervision

Seervision is a growing ETH startup with 28 employees based in Zürich, Switzerland. Founded in 2016, the company is developing camera automation software that simplifies and scales video production. The Seervision Suite can identify and track a person’s movements, autonomously adapting the focus, zoom and framing to produce the ideal shot. This technology enables broadcast teams to explore innovative production techniques, while delivering productions with consistently high quality and significantly lower costs. For more information, please visit

About Villrich Broadcast Consultancy & Sales

Based in Hilversum, Netherlands, Villrich Broadcast Consultancy & Sales is a company specializing in new product development, representation, distribution, and reselling of a wide range of high-quality products for some of the most esteemed companies in the Broadcast, Sports, Cinema, Theatres and Live Entertainment industries. The company offers help in establishing contacts and assisting in negotiations, product placements, marketing, and sales. For more information go to

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