We make your existing cameras autonomous

We have developed a complete technology stack that will help you automate object tracking shots using any camera and any lens. Our algorithms utilize state-of-the-art computer vision, machine learning, model predictive control and optimal camera cinematography and the resulting shots are both adapting to a changing scene and indistinguishable from what a human operator can do.

PTZ, PT-Head andCamera agnostic

Our hardware agnostic technology represents a revolutionary change in studio and staged events production, leading to consistently high quality at significantly lower production costs. The result is innovative production techniques. In contrast to other, integrated systems, our solutions adapt seamlessly to existing production workflows and hardware infrastructure. Due to our vision-based approach, our solution does not depend on additional tracking devices.

Remote and collaborative operation

With our web-based user interface you have the ability to remotely control up to a gazillion cameras straight from a single multiviewer interface. Multiple operators can attach to the same infrastructure and share the direction of different groups of cameras at the same time. The Seervision UI is a new, user-friendly control solution that makes it extremely easy for an operator to sit anywhere in the world and yet physically control the robots.

Additional optionse.g. follow focus

The ability to measure distance in real-time with ultra-wideband has already proven to be a game changer for professional industries and has also impacted the world of entertainment. Knowing the distance lets our system automate many of the manual tasks like focusing.

2019 Program

Your autonomous PTZ (e.g. AW-UE150 or AW-UE130) already for 850€ per month. This includes our processing unit 'DOP' and the software license. For only 1500 € per month you get our noiseless PTU 'Pauli' plus the processing unit 'DOP' including the software license.

* These offers are valid for first-time customers with a minimum contract duration of one year. In case of an extension for another year the hardware belongs to you.

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