ProductSmart robots for video production


Camera and robot agnostic software

Our robotic camera head offers the user full access to all functions of the Seervision software, but allows him to use his existing camera equipment. After framing their subject, operators can select a pre-defined or custom camera operation style that will then automagically adjust tracking zones, looking direction space and other standard cinematography metrics. For pre-programmed interview set-ups you can use preset positions to help locate and frame subjects like with any all-in-one PTZ setup. This is particularly useful for staged events or interview situations where space is limited.

Tech Specs

A.I. Robotic System

The world's first autonomous camera robot for live productions. Developed at ETH Zurich, every unit guarantees Swiss quality, reliability and precision.

Short Demo

Object segmentation and identification?Yeah, but that's not all folks...

Our software uses techniques developed in artificial intelligence research to bring new levels of accuracy to productions while minimising footprint and productions costs. For human targets face and limb detection algorithms are used to determine cinematography and automate camera operation. There is no limit of how many objects can be detected and once the important one for filming is selected, the whole focus is put on providing stable, natural looking content.... and that's actually only the top of the iceberg


Well thought-out interface

With our web based user interface you have the ability to remotely control up to a gazillion cameras straight from a single multiviewer interface. The Seervision UI is a new user-friendly full-screen control solution, which allows a remote operator to physically control the robot.

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