Focus on telling the story

Say goodbye to monotonous workflows and stressful productions. The Seervision Suite automates the repetitive tasks of live production workflows so you can concentrate on your creative vision. With our tracking features, your cameras can autonomously follow the action on stage and keep the talent in the right frame. This results in professional looking content that is indistinguishable from what can be captured by a human cameraman.

Adaptive Tracking

Let your cameras autonomously follow the talent on stage and distinguish between different subjects. Select the subject you want to track and switch between tracking different subjects from the system’s user interface.

Follow Focus

Keep your subject in focus no matter how it moves. Our system uses only computer vision to keep the subject in focus and requires no external device to guarantee the highest levels of precision.

Adaptive Zoom

Maintain the optimal zoom level for your tracked object completely autonomously and without the need for an additional sensor. The object remains the desired size, even if the distance to the camera changes.


Choose how much of the subject’s movements the system will ignore, while maintaining optimal framing.

Trigger Zones

Set an area where the system detects a potential subject and automatically starts tracking them.

Tracking R.O.I.

Outline the area where the system can use the tracking function.

Scene Limiter

Set no-access zones where your cameras can’t film, even in manual control mode.


Ensure a seamless return to a preset shot in case of any unexpected errors.


Adjust how aggressively the tracking reacts to the subject’s movements.

Stay in control

Have full control over all aspects of camera operation. You can modify pan, tilt, zoom or tracking sensitivity directly from the system’s user interface. The system also allows the operator to manually adjust pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris using an external joystick controller.

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Captivate your audience
with minimal effort

Plan your desired shot composition and execute it seamlessly and worry-free. Seervision’s Adaptive Presets can autonomously steer your cameras to the selected preset position and start tracking a specific subject, with a specific framing style. You can design and store an unlimited number of presets directly from the system’s intuitive web-based UI.

Position presets

Use the interface’s selection tool to create preset positions directly on the main camera feed. These presets memorize pan, tilt, zoom and focus, and even let you configure the duration of the shot and the speed at which the preset is applied in the shot.

Framing presets

The system can measure the talents' height and adjust the framing for the subject entering the shot automatically, while keeping a smooth, natural-looking camera movement.

Tracking presets

Automatically direct the system to start tracking the subject detected in the frame, maintaining the pan, tilt and zoom parameters of that existing preset.

Get the best out
of your cameras

The Seervision Suite is a flexible solution that adapts to any live production requirements and maximizes the potential of your trusted hardware. The system enhances the capabilities of your productions and ensures you always get consistent broadcast quality content, whether you’re using a PTZ or a broadcast camera.

Cover every angle

Increase camera coverage on your production set and give your audience access to every angle of the story. From Seervision’s user interface you can simultaneously control an unlimited number of cameras mounted in any position: tripod, ceiling or dolly.

Get closer to the action

Create breathtaking shots by placing cameras in locations inaccessible to human cameramen and controlling them remotely from our user interface. This reduces the risk of injury to camera operators, pushing the limits of what can be captured with a conventional production setup.

Use your existing hardware

Our turnkey solution adjusts seamlessly to your existing production workflow and is compatible with most popular cameras and lenses on the market, as well as integrated with multiple robotic heads.

Camera automation software

The Seervision Suite is compatible with a wide range of PTZ cameras as well as broadcast cameras, robots and lenses. We would be happy to discuss your needs.

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