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We are very happy to announce today that we at Seervision are starting a new partnership with leading system integrator Bild+Ton.

This partnership with Bild+Ton will help to solidify our strong base of partners as we continue to expand our operations within Switzerland. Bild+Ton will use their industry expertise to create professional audio and video systems for their customers, seamlessly integrating the Seervision Suite into their setups and installations.

With years of experience in the Swiss AV industry and a wealth of existing customers and use cases, Bild+Ton are an ideal partner to aid in Seervision’s continued growth within Switzerland. The Swiss AV industry is a complex market, and network is everything, so we are very pleased to be partnering with a company with such good connections. Bild+Ton have shown that they understand the real benefits of the Seervision Suite in a range of use cases, and we are confident that their expert team will use it to build highly effective solutions.

These kinds of partnerships are all about mutual growth, and we are dedicated to partnering with companies that really reflect our values. We know that Bild+Ton are committed to helping us to continue to grow within Switzerland, and we are certainly committed to providing a product that they are proud to use in their solutions. As our operations expand and we continue to reach more customers, we are excited to see what opportunities this partnership will bring.

Over the past few months, we have successfully collaborated with Seervision to provide state-of-the-art production workflow automation to several key customers across a range of industries. The success of the projects and the gravitas of the customers very well represent the potential of the partnership between Bild+Ton and Seervision for the future.
Claudio Dommann, Team Leader Purchasing / Administration at B+T Bild+Ton AG

Nikos Kariotoglou, CEO of Seervision has said: “We are very excited to be working with Bild+Ton as we expand in Switzerland. They’re a big name in the industry and they have been on our radar for quite some time now. They provide solutions for several established companies, and their prestige and respect in the Swiss AV industry is undeniable. We look forward to growing our Swiss customer base and our range of active use cases whilst taking full advantage of Bild+Ton’s invaluable industry experience and knowledge.

About B+T Bild+Ton AG

Bild+Ton creates audiovisual experiences. We enjoy working in a strong team and pride ourselves on reliable work and technical solutions. This is why we implement media and event technology at the highest level throughout Switzerland.

1 team | over 100 employees | 17 apprentices in 4 professions | for more than 35 years

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About Seervision

Seervision is a Swiss startup developing innovative software aimed at making live video production automated and effortless. Originally founded at ETH Zurich, what started as an idea to improve live lecture recording has grown into a flourishing startup with over 30 employees. Nowadays, the Seervision Suite is primarily focused on automating the overall workflow of corporate studios, stage events and, not forgetting where we started, educational spaces. Our system now seamlessly integrates with the entire ecosystem of a corporate environment or stage event to automate and simplify live production workflows.

We work alongside system integrators to provide complete autonomous solutions for the proAV industry, as well as selling directly to venues and corporations looking to automate and improve their video productions. Seervision has come on in leaps and bounds in just a few years, and our recent expansion into markets across Europe, Asia and North America have shown that we are not stopping soon.

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