Acquisition brings together exceptional teams and expands intelligent collaboration solutions.

ZURICH and COSTA MESA, Calif., (June 12, 2023) – Seervision, a Swiss-based pioneer in AI-driven camera automation software, announces an agreement to join Q-SYS, a division of QSC LLC. The acquisition by Q-SYS represents an exciting milestone for Seervision, as it opens up new opportunities to further expand the reach of its AI-driven camera automation software solutions, delivering innovative and transformative AV experiences to customers worldwide.

Seervision’s camera automation software combines years of research in multi-camera control with deep expertise in real-time optimization, machine learning, and predictive motion models. By seamlessly integrating into existing AV/IT ecosystems, Seervision enables autonomous control of multiple pan-tilt-zoom cameras with smooth, broadcast-quality motions, delivering an immersive collaboration and viewing experience.

Seervision’s software solution can be tailored to a wide range of applications, effectively automating video production workflows in diverse high-impact spaces. From meeting rooms and boardrooms to lecture halls, auditoriums, concert halls, event spaces, and studios, Seervision’s dynamic scene understanding technology adapts seamlessly to changing environments, enabling effective hybrid collaboration and simplifying AV operations for remote learning.

"Q-SYS acquiring Seervision signifies a pivotal moment in the AV industry's evolution towards intelligent and scalable AV software platforms. Together with Q-SYS, we envision an ecosystem that fosters innovation and delivers novel capabilities and solutions to our diverse markets and customers. We are ready to shape the future of AV technology."

Nikos Kariotoglou, Co-founder and CEO, Seervision

As part of the transaction, the Seervision founders and team will join Q-SYS, bringing their proven expertise and industry-leading experience in AV, machine learning, motion prediction, real-time control, and virtualization. This collaboration will create a new class of high-performance AV solutions, redefining intelligent video collaboration across multiple applications.

Making AV smarter through software innovation is in our DNA, says Jatan Shah, President and COO, QSC. Seervision’s team brings unmatched expertise in strategic technology areas such as video, computer vision, AI/ML, motion prediction, and real-time control. The combination of Q-SYS and Seervision will unleash the industry’s top talent, technology, and resources to create groundbreaking, high-performance AV solutions that redefine intelligent video collaboration across multiple applications. We are thrilled to welcome this exceptional team to Q-SYS.

The acquisition is expected to close within the next 30 days, subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions.

About Seervision

Seervision is a premier provider of AI-powered camera automation software solutions with offices in Zurich, Switzerland and Athens, Greece. Seervision enables cameras to track and follow live action automatically, delivering a seamless viewing experience that rivals human-operated cameras. The ETH spin-off, accelerated by the Wyss Zurich Translational Center, is widely recognized for its commitment to delivering innovative solutions for the broadcast and AV/IT industries

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About Q-SYS

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