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We are very proud to announce an all new partnership with Finnish technology solutions provider Kauko as we continue to expand the availability of the Seervision Suite across the Nordic region.

Finnish technology solutions provider Kauko specializes in providing tailored solutions for their customers that enable new processes and capabilities. With expertise in a range of industries, their team focuses on improving productivity and enabling business expansion.

We’re very excited to work with a company that shares our vision to make our customers’ processes effortless. Kauko focuses on combining their technical expertise with a passion for providing effective and innovative solutions.

"I am excited to see how we can collaborate with Seervision to use their premium digital solutions to address the needs of our customers"

Juha Rytkönen
Managing Director, Kauko

Kauko works with expert AV technology partners to deliver long-lasting and cost-efficient solutions, and has been representing Panasonic in Finland since 1969. The Seervision Suite directly integrates with Panasonic PTZs, so we are excited to work with a partner that is so experienced with such products. We are proud to be working with a company with so much industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the needs of their customers. We look forward to working with the experts at Kauko to provide bespoke solutions to our joint customers.

We are excited to partner with Seervision and introduce its cutting-edge technology to our customers in Finland. This partnership is a great example of our ecosystem-driven solutions strategy. Together we can help our customers take the next step in online collaboration, and unify their communications in hybrid events for both live and online audiences – something we’ve already worked on through our KaukoStudio concept.

Our collaboration brings tools to the Finnish market to really redefine hybrid teaching and events, especially in the field of culture and education. Personally, I am excited to see how we can collaborate with Seervision to use their premium digital solutions to address the needs of our customers doing their business in demanding work environments outside the office.”
Juha Rytkönen
Managing Director, Kauko

Kilian Massiah, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Seervision has said: “We’re very excited to be working with a company with such industry expertise and product knowledge as Kauko. They have a strong network of customers and are well known within the Finnish AV industry for their quality and professionalism. We have already worked with Kauko on a successful customer project, and look forward to building on our relationship moving forward.

About Kauko

Kauko is a visionary thought leader with a mission: we aim to make your work effortless, allowing you to grow business through better productivity.

We innovate and create top-of-the-range solutions that are designed with the user in mind. With our network of partners, we will construct a combination of software, services and equipment that function seamlessly together and grow with the needs of your business.

For more information, please visit kauko.com.

About Seervision

Seervision is a Swiss startup developing innovative software aimed at making live video production automated and effortless. Originally founded at ETH Zurich, what started as an idea to improve live lecture recording has grown into a flourishing startup with over 30 employees. Nowadays, the Seervision Suite is primarily focused on automating the overall workflow of corporate studios, stage events and, not forgetting where we started, educational spaces. Our system now seamlessly integrates with the entire ecosystem of a corporate environment or stage event to automate and simplify live production workflows.

We work alongside system integrators to provide complete autonomous solutions for the proAV industry, as well as selling directly to venues and corporations looking to automate and improve their video productions. Seervision has come on in leaps and bounds in just a few years, and our recent expansion into markets across Europe, Asia and North America have shown that we are not stopping soon.

For more information, please visit seervision.com.

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