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We are excited to be partnering with Danish system integrator Video People as we continue to expand our reach across Scandinavia.

At Seervision we are dedicated to building a network of partners that are able to understand the real needs of their customers. This way, we ensure that the Seervision Suite is always used as effectively as possible.

Our new partnership with Danish system integrator Video People is a direct reflection of this decision. A growing team with an extensive knowledge of the needs of their customers, and a dedication to realizing their customers’ dreams, Video People are exactly the kind of partner we like to work with.

"Seervision's level of tracking is beyond any other solutions that we have looked into"

Mathias Nielsen
CEO Video People

With a local and experienced team such as Video People, we know that the Seervision Suite is in good hands. They focus on providing solutions that match the needs and realize the visions of their customers, and have years of experience creating bespoke corporate studios. Video People also work with products from big name brands such as Skaarhoj, Birddog and Panasonic, many of which integrate seamlessly with our software.

We can be certain, therefore, that the Seervision Suite will be utilized as effectively as possible as a part of any project they design. Our camera automation software was built directly with the customer’s needs at its core. We know that a company with the same mindset will make full use of it at the heart of a video production setup.

We at Video People, are looking forward to our partnership with Seervision. We see their products fit into our kind of installation on the Danish market. Their level of tracking is beyond any other solutions that we have looked into. We are really looking forward to implementing their solutions into our solutions.
Mathias Nielsen
CEO, Video People

Victor Garcia, Partner Development Manager at Seervision has said: “With this partnership with Video People, we are looking forward to continuing our expansion across Scandinavia. We have a strong presence across Central Europe already, and have been making a direct effort to move into the flourishing AV industry in the Nordic region. With Video People we are eager to provide user-focused projects that provide automation and flexibility to our joint customers.

About Video People

At Video People, we are completely just like you. We understand you and the importance of your time. Video People is an “enabler” that makes your dreams come true. We have worked most of our lives with film, TV, video and live streaming as everything from runner, technical integrator, producer, photographer, sound engineer, teacher, salesperson, supporter and project manager.

We know what it takes to give your dreams and not least your abilities free rein. We will be with you from the start of your dream until your customers give you thumbs up. But we are also there when it is difficult and everything seems unmanageable. We can not wait to hear what you’re dreaming about.

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About Seervision

Seervision is a Swiss startup developing innovative software aimed at making live video production automated and effortless. Originally founded at ETH Zurich, what started as an idea to improve live lecture recording has grown into a flourishing startup with over 30 employees. Nowadays, the Seervision Suite is primarily focused on automating the overall workflow of corporate studios, stage events and, not forgetting where we started, educational spaces. Our system now seamlessly integrates with the entire ecosystem of a corporate environment or stage event to automate and simplify live production workflows.

We work alongside system integrators to provide complete autonomous solutions for the proAV industry, as well as selling directly to venues and corporations looking to automate and improve their video productions. Seervision has come on in leaps and bounds in just a few years, and our recent expansion into markets across Europe, Asia and North America have shown that we are not stopping soon.

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