Smart and robust full-body auto-tracking

Our state-of the-art camera tracking software enables cameras to automatically recognize and keep track of the subject, such as a speaker or lecturer. Full-body person identification is more reliable than other facial or motion tracking solutions, having a better performance when dealing with occlusion (e.g. people crossing in front of each other).


Set a ‘no track zone’ around the framing point of a person, so that the small movements are not tracked (e.g. if the presenter is nervous)

Tracking Smoothness

Change the smoothness of the tracking to ensure a natural camera movement (e.g. if the presenter moves fast to avoid a jerky camera look)


Easily adjust the framing live. Also available via production API to be used by external controllers

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Automatic triggers based on scene understanding

The Seervision Suite’s computer vision-based scene understanding gives every control system and every device in an AV installation the ability to see and react live to what is happening in the room. This enables visual and audio triggers that can autonomously set off specific actions depending on the area or the person that is detected.

Tracking Zones

Automatically trigger an action (e.g. activate preset, start tracking) when the presenter enters a specific area.

Exclusion Zones

Select an area to be excluded from tracking e.g. in front of the stage during a conference to not track the staff.

Adaptive Shots

Keep a half-body shot with perfect framing no matter the height of the subject or where they move in the room. No need to set fixed values for your shot (zoom level, x&y positions).

Audio Triggers

Audio signals from ceiling microphones such as Shure or Sennheiser can determine when to switch the camera to focus on the active speaker or trigger lower thirds.

Workflow automation

Customize the way the system operates according to your individual workflow needs. Seervision’s combination of features such as Trigger Zones, Containers and the API, enable end-to-end autonomous productions by communicating with external devices (like video mixers) as well. The entire production can be automated with zero interaction from the operator or presenter.

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The Seervision Suite automates and improves corporate video productions. Produce the high-quality video your audience expects.

Meetings & Seminars


Produce high-quality educational content without technical complexity. Learn more about how the Seervision Suite can elevate your lectures and webinars.

Presentations & Lectures


Seervision’s state-of-the-art API allows you to use input from third-party software and hardware to trigger actions in the Seervision system or trigger other third-party devices through the Seervision system.

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“Workflow automation is clearly the trend to be a part of right now across various verticals, and we glad to include in our portfolio a leading technology that succesfully merges AI, computer vision, and robotics.”

Duane Yoslov

More applications

We specialize in AV workflow automation for education, corporate spaces, and broadcast. Our solutions are also applicable in other segments such as houses of worship, concert halls, opera houses, conference venues, convention halls, and cruise ships. We are happy to discuss your requirements and find the best solution for your workflows.

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