Intelligent audio meets multi-camera automation

Leverage the MXA920’s next-generation array architecture for enhanced directional pickup, enabling Seervision’s AI-powered camera control to focus on the active speaker autonomously and adaptively, no matter the seating configuration, number of participants, or room layout.

Scene Understanding, Now with Audio

Individual Speaker Tracking

Get a front row seat, no matter where

The Seervision Suite’s scene understanding enables cameras to see and react live to what is happening in the room, always showing the active participants in the best way possible.

By combining computer vision with the MXA920’s positional audio triggers, create fully autonomous multi-camera workflows that adapt to the speaker, and not the other way around.

Add production value to your meetings

Our award winning automation software enables PTZ cameras to automatically recognize and keep track of participants through computer vision, analyzing multiple reference points for perfect framing, and optimizing screen real estate for immersive hybrid meetings.

With customizable modes and flows, switch between different shots, including group discussions, listener reactions, and other non-verbal cues.

Dynamic Group Framing

Multi-Camera Mode without Movements

Make every voice count

Enable your participants to speak and move freely with Shure’s Automatic Coverage™ mode whilst Seervision adaptively points the camera at the active speaker without relying on camera presets.

Perfect for high-impact spaces like boardrooms, training rooms, multipurpose rooms, or all-hands venues, where you need flexibility for changing seating layouts to bring everyone together without worrying about the technology around them.

"Seervision brings an innovative technology that truly enhances the videoconferencing experience, and with this partnership, we are excited that we can contribute to create a fully automated workflow for hybrid spaces."

Michel Baars – Associate Director, Integrated Systems Marketing

The Shure Microflex Ecosystem

Quality in the details with the MXA920

  • Automatic Coverage™️ technology captures the talkers you want to hear without aiming pickup lobes, covering up to 9 by 9 meters straight out of the box.
  • Advanced talker localization algorithm that instantly reports the exact position of each talker for the most accurate speaker tracking possible.
  • Next generation array architecture delivers enhanced low frequency directionality and the most natural speech quality for best in-class meeting collaboration.
  • Onboard IntelliMix Room DSP applies automatic mixing, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatic gain control for a pristine audio mix.
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Bigger Possibilities for Big Rooms

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