The Seervision software back-end is built upon state-of-the-art technologies. We write a lot of code but with most of the team’s background in robotics, control and computer vision, our software is not always developed, integrated and deployed smoothly. We are losing time learning agile development through trial and error. As we are now taking things to the next level, we need to write software like they do it in the big league.

We need you to teach best practices of IT operations and development to our team and be responsible for the selection of methods and tools that will keep Seervision at the forefront of the software arsenal. We are simultaneously working with embedded systems, web-based user interaction, ROS, docker, the Unreal Engine and have just started preparing our own APIs for integrating 3rd party hardware into the Seervision ecosystem.

Our vision is to make Seervision’s control software the standard for real-time adaptive motion control of camera robots. If you apply for this position, be ready for a challenging job that will require constant innovation, solid leadership and pure programming excellence that will consistently inspire and drive the whole team forward.


Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Establish, maintain and improve the company’s IT operations and development processes
  • Organize, lead and track code-review between different development groups
  • Analyze, test and pilot new technology stacks that will improve development
  • Monitor, maintain and improve agile software development techniques
  • Plan, orchestrate and execute the logistics of software releases and updates
  • Plan and lead the development of Seervision’s abstract APIs and misc services platform

Expected Skills

  • 2+ year experience of working within a larger development team on the same tasks
  • 2+ year experience with agile software development methods
  • Experience in taking leadership roles within a development team
  • Experience is a “Prototyper” that prepares and provides the tools needed by the team
  • Geek-level knowledge of software engineering, preferably mastering C++ & Python
  • Geek-level knowledge of project planning and version control tools such as git and jira