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Autonomous productions

Produce and record educational videos entirely autonomously

The Seervision Suite allows you to produce video autonomously and effortlessly from the start. Our features are designed to take care of the camera work for you, so you never have to worry if you’re in shot. Operators can maintain oversight of productions entirely remotely, so you can teach whilst they run things in the background. Focus on your students, not on the camera.

Always ready

Don’t wait for a camera team to get everything ready

There’s no need to wait for your camera crew to arrive when they’re always waiting for you. With minimal training and a bit of practice, you’ll be producing seamless live content in no time. Once the Seervision Suite is set up, all you need to do is join a call and start presenting. Produce and broadcast live video at a moment’s notice, just press record and go.

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Dynamic content

Bring your subject to life

The Seervision Suite takes care of producing your video so that you can focus on your audience. High-quality video has never been easier to make, with robotic cameras maintaining smooth and consistent shots without making mistakes or getting bored. Seervision amplifies your video lectures, so you know your students will never miss a thing.

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How can you apply our solution?


Improve audience and presenter experiences by going beyond screen sharing and a simple webcam view. With Seervision, webinars get a professional upgrade.


Seervision’s autonomous solution allows you to feel secure in knowing your students never miss a thing. Produce dynamic lectures without technical complexity.

Panel discussions

Expand your opportunities for in depth discussions by simplifying your user interaction. Seervision takes care of the framing so that you can focus on the conversation.

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Whether it’s a panel discussion, a town hall meeting or a product launch, with the Seervision Suite you’re always ready to create quality in-house productions.


Seervision automates your video production workflow so that you can focus on the important aspects of your event without any stress. Keep your video production simple with Seervision’s camera automation technology.