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Always on

High-end video production quality, on repeat

The Seervision Suite is designed to ensure that high-end video production is not just for special occasions. Use our products for all of your events to produce content to a consistently high quality with ease. With an intuitive UI, reliable camera tracking and a straightforward setup, the Seervision Suite is always ready to make your content consistent and professional, every time.

Workflow automation

Automate your video productions from day 1

The Seervision Suite is all about being productive and efficient from the get-go. Our intuitive, web-based UI combines with autonomous camera tracking and a range of presets to allow you to get up and running in no time. Save on stress, time, and effort by automating your entire production workflow. By simplifying the process from start to finish, we help you to focus on the more important tasks.

Workflow automation for corporate video production
Scalable key image, 2 DOPs

Fully scalable

Hold more events and grow your audience with ease

The bottom line of the Seervision Suite is scale. The simpler productions become, the easier they are to execute, and the more that you can do. Without compromising on quality, the Seervision Suite allows you to produce more professional productions, with the same team, without increasing your costs. More productions with seamless camera tracking, without the stress.

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How can you apply our solution?

SwissICT conference behind the scenes

Use Case: Conferences

See how the Seervision Suite helps you produce high-quality in-person, virtual and online conferences with ease.


Use Case: Keynotes

Deliver your key message to your audience in the most impactful way: through professional, high-quality video content.

SwissICT Hybrid Conference

Use Case: Hybrid Events

Build a seamless experience for both your physical and virtual audience. Offer your viewers an unforgettable event wherever they are.

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"The possibility to follow the speaker on stage gives the audience the impression that there is a high-quality organisation in the background""

Christian Hunziger
CEO, swissICT

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Want to automate your video production?

It’s time to take your video production to the next level. Be part of the future with Seervision’s autonomous camera technology.

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Whether it’s a panel discussion, a town hall meeting or a product launch, with the Seervision Suite you’re always ready to create quality in-house productions.