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Use case

The objective of the Startup DAYs is to bring startups face to face with potential investors and industry experts and provide them with a chance to promote their business and gain traction

Seervision worked with Startup INVEST to broadcast three stages simultaneously for the hybrid event, providing seamless high quality video production for the duration of the conference

Key benefits

With startups pitching themselves to investors and using the two day conference to gain backing and guidance, it was important to maintain a highly professional and consistent production

A wide range of stakeholders with varying needs meant that the production needed to be adaptable and easy to engage with, whether the audience were joining online or in person

"I strongly believe this is the future of events"

- Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, Managing Director Startup INVEST

Speeches and panel discussions were focused on the core themes of Corporate Innovation, Diversity, and Exponential Technologies. The event also featured a number of workshops and masterclasses across the two days. From startups looking for financing to organisations looking for investment opportunities and corporates seeking partnerships, the Startup DAYs have been a central driver for swiss startups since 2004, and the 2020 event was no different. Startup DAYs inspired participants online and offline with an exciting mix of national and international keynote speakers and over 30 participative sessions, utilizing the hybrid event to its fullest potential.

"I would recommend Seervision to everybody that is organising hybrid events"

- Daniel Bermejo-Carasco, Managing Director Startup Invest

All stages were livestreamed, with investors and supporters able to submit pre-recorded elevator pitches remotely. Remote participants were able to submit questions via Hopin, whilst all the video production needs across three stages were handled through the Seervision suite. Startup DAYs are a crucial opportunity for many early and late-stage startups and SMEs to present their ideas to investors, corporations, and even politicians, so smooth and professional video production was paramount. Which of course is why Startup INVEST came to us.

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