Why Seervision?

Powerful features for intuitive automation

Full-Body Auto-Tracking

With our full-body autonomous camera tracking, ensure your subject is always kept in frame with smooth broadcast-quality pan and tilt movements.

Our proprietary algorithm creates unique IDs for every person on-stage and predicts a your subject’s movements to ensure optimal framing at all times.

You can also leverage our deadband, tracking smoothness, and tracking reactiveness settings to tune the tracking to your liking according to your subject’s movements.

Trigger Zones

Trigger Zones allow you to drag and drop different areas on stage to automatically activate specific actions when your subject steps-in.

For each zone, create custom actions to be triggered depending on if the subject enters, stays, or leaves a specific zone.

These ‘events’ can also be sent to other connected devices via our API, so that you can create autonomous multi-camera workflows or activate a different layout in your vision mixer if the subject stands in a specific zone.

Person Specific Automation

With Person Specific Automation, you can choose to store an image of a talent, associate a name with it, and make trigger zones react only to the specific talent.

This means you can create different tracking behaviors for distinct presenters, or even send these ‘events’ externally to your video mixer to trigger person-specific lower thirds.

With Person Specific Automation, the autonomous workflow can adapt to the person on stage so that no manual intervention is necessary – the possibilities are truly endless!

Active Speaker Tracking

Leverage our integration with certain beam-forming ceiling array microphones to adaptively point the camera at the active speaker – without relying on camera presets.

Perfect for high-impact spaces, boardrooms, training rooms, or all-hands venues, capture your audience members automatically, bringing them closer to your hybrid audience.

Use single person or group framing to adapt the solution to your meeting preferences, and create custom logic that adapts to the room layout.


Make use of our powerful API to use the Seervision Suite as the ‘brain’ of other connected systems.

From simple remote control presenter handovers, to Trigger Zone-based vMix switching, or even Siri-enabled commands, make your devices work together to automate your productions to a new height!

Visit our API documentation to learn more, and explore the messages that Seervision can send and receive to create automation workflows with other API-capable devices.

System Overview

Seervision is an IP-based system that requires the camera, server, and interface to be on the same network. Our software analyzes people in the scene and sends multiple commands per second for camera and lens trajectories. As we only control the camera’s movement, your image quality and output feed delay won’t be affected.


Explore our typical setups in higher education to enhance lecture capturing through automation

Education Set-Ups


Dive into our common meeting room setups with ceiling microphones that enable preset-less speaker tracking

Meeting Room Set-Ups


Our 2U hardware systems are a versatile choice for a variety of applications, supporting both single-camera and multi-camera setups. With their robust feature set, they provide a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use solution for anyone in need of such a system.

  • Secure on-premise Linux-based 2U servers
  • Support for SDI, NDI and NDI|Hx
  • Fully IP-based, allowing for remote control
  • Web-based user interface via Google Chrome
  • Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick, or API control
  • Native integration with 3rd party PTZs
  • Plug-and-play solution via VISCA over IP
  • Works for single camera or multi-camera setups


One-camera Seervision Server

  • CPU i5-12500 (12-gen)
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti
  • RAM 16GB DDR4
  • SSD 250GB SSD
  • Power Supply 450W
  • Grabber Card BM DeckLink Studio
  • Dimensions 45 cm x 43 cm x 9 cm


Two-camera Seervision Server

  • CPU i7-12700 (12-gen)
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3080
  • RAM 32GB DDR4
  • SSD 500GB SSD
  • Power Supply 600W
  • Grabber Card BM DeckLink Duo 2 Mini
  • Dimensions 45 cm x 43 cm x 9 cm

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