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Corporate In-House Studio

Use case

The studio utilized two Panasonic AW-UE150 PTZ cameras running on the Seervision Server, as well as an Elgato Stream Deck. This allowed teams to explore using a dynamic two camera setup. Although simple in principle, the addition of a secondary camera connected to the Seervision Suite brought a whole new look and feel to their corporate video calls.

Key benefits

As Switzerland’s biggest player in the press industry, TX Group needed an engaging, compelling, and effective way of communicating internally. By creating a studio with Seervision’s technology, TX Group has been able to increase the quality of its meetings, bringing its employees together with a consistently high-quality solution for intra-company communication.

"The Seervision Suite is a much more efficient way of producing video content than traditional methods"

- Harry Fuecks, Head of TX Conference, TX Group

TX Group Studio behind the scenes

The studio was set up mainly for panel discussions and keynote presentations, allowing employees to walk-in and start their production right away. Using a combination of trigger zones and custom shot presets, speakers were able to adapt their production effortlessly with dynamic shot types.

For those willing to experiment more, TX also installed an Elgato Stream Deck via Seervision’s Bitfocus Companion integration. This allowed employees to effortlessly control various aspects of their production by simply pressing the buttons on the touch panel.

"This is a much more effective way of conveying ideas to engage with people remotely"

- Harry Fuecks, Head of TX Conference, TX Group

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