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Use case

The summit provided the investiere community of startups and investors with invaluable learnings from industry experts, as well as advice and opportunities on expansion and innovation

investiere used our studio in Zurich to livestream a fully virtual conference, with speakers joining us in person and the audience all participating online

Key benefits

investiere were able to significantly reduce their event costs compared to the planned physical event

The audience joined remotely, and were able to have a true to life experience from the comfort of their homes

High-quality production with plenty of support from our team, allowing them to focus on their stakeholders instead of directing camera crews

"Without Seervision we would not have been able to hold this event virtually at this scale"

- Lukas Weber, investiere CEO and Co-founder

Most of the speakers joined us in the studio, but the benefit of a fully virtual conference is that those that could not join us in person were able to do so remotely with little effort. The event also came in significantly under budget, costing just 5% of the planned physical event. Throughout the conference, speeches took place to educate and encourage investment and growth in a wide range of fields and sectors, from healthcare to supply chain businesses. Viewers were able to join the speeches relevant to their field with ease, gaining a full experience from the day without leaving home.

"It is a very flexible technology which can be used in all sorts of situations"

- Urs Briner, investiere Head of Portfolio Success

Investiere focuses around nurturing their startups, and aims to make startup investing more practical and transparent. With a rigorous application process to gain investment and a wide network of investors and specialist consultants, investiere foster an environment of learning and innovation. By using the Seervision suite, investiere were able to maintain their high level of professionalism whilst building a successful event efficiently and comfortably.

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