Automated lecture capturing
for education

Take the responsibility off your lecturers and record dynamic educational content with Seervision’s high quality automation and auto-tracking software. Maintain an oversight of multiple classrooms whilst the Seervision Suite produces your lectures autonomously.

For lectures

Scalable solution

  • Track teachers smoothly and robustly
  • Run engaging productions without a crew
  • Seamless live camera switching
  • Create zone-based automations

Integrates into your setup

  • Compatible with many PTZ models
  • Flexible production API
  • Works with tools like Panopto & Zoom
  • Simple Ul with ‘set and forget’ features

Key benefits for universities

Autonomous video production

The Seervision Suite automates your lecture and classroom recordings so that your teaching staff can focus on the classroom whilst a technician can maintain oversight remotely.

Always ready

Have Seervision always available to auto-track without notice and with your existing equipment, so that you can run a full day of lectures without fear of interruption.

Dynamic lectures

Create dynamic sequences of shots with visual trigger zones that match your teaching needs, ensuring that your students are getting the best hybrid learning experience possible.

Use Seervision together with your favourite platforms...
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Trigger Zones

Automatically trigger a shot based on the lecturer’s position in the room e.g. stop tracking and zoom out when the lecturer stands at the whiteboard

Exclusion Zones

Select an area to be excluded from tracking and to ignore detections e.g. mask out where students sit and
any doorways in the lecture hall

Fallback Shots

When the instructor leaves and walks into the exclusion zone, a fallback ‘standby’ position can be automatically executed to wait for the next lecturer

Robust Tracking

Never lose the presenter with Seervision’s computer vision based full-body tracking. Even if the teacher
turns around or wears a face mask.

Leverage your favourite PTZ cameras
view the full integration list

Typical Setup

PTZ Camera

Choose from a wide range of compatible cameras like Panasonic, Canon or Vaddio

User Interface

Set up trigger zones during commissioning and oversee your productions centrally

Seervision Server

Use SDI or any NDI. Each server can automate 2 cameras - see the specs


An option if you’d like teachers to trigger specific shots or stop tracking

Integrate Seervision seamlessly with...

Advanced Setup

Ceiling Microphones

Leverage our Shure MXA920 audio-trigger integration to automatically point the camera at students that ask questions to offer a dynamic and immersive experience for those remote

Virtual Machine

Use your existing sever infrastructure and your virtual GPUs to run Seervision’s processing at scale

Whiteboard Camera

Have an overview camera showcasing the important content on the whiteboard. Through the trigger zones and your mixer, create an automation that shows this secondary feed only when the lecturer stands in front of the whiteboard.

Used and loved by leading universities

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