Concert Hall

Use case

The Tonhalle Zurich has been the home of the Tonhalle-Orchester Zurich since 1895 and offers acoustically one of the world’s finest concert venues. Having undergone a substantial renovation in recent years, the entire complex is now classified as a historical monument.

Since August 2021, Tonhalle has been using the Seervision System to effortlessly live stream their concerts and performances. As part of a complete solution provided by B+T Bild+Ton AG, the Seervision Suite provides automation to a number of Panasonic PTZ cameras. Tonhalle Zurich aims to reach a broader audience and make the classical music experience more accessible.

Key benefits

Seervision is helping the operators at Tonhalle Zurich to maintain oversight and focus on creativity. With remote camera control, customizable preset shots, and smooth transitioning, they can maintain consistency and efficiency. Using a system they can rely on is essential for conveying a classical music experience to everyone’s home.

"The Seervision system takes repetitive tasks away from me by allowing me to automate them so I can focus more on what it's really all about: finding beautiful images and creativity"

- René Schönenberger, Video Technician, Tonhalle Zurich

The Tonhalle Zurich has used the Seervision Suite since August 2021 to ensure the video production of a classical concert experience is served effectively and in the highest quality. Our software integrates into the larger production set up of the Tonhalle, perfectly complementing Bild+Ton’s solution. By taking remote control of Panasonic PTZ cameras, operators using the Seervision Suite utilize fully customizable containers and smooth controlled movements to elevate their video productions. Video technicians controlling the production from a single workstation can create beautiful transitions ending in very intimate shots from stage positions where a camera operator could not normally reach. This allows the virtual audience to get even closer to musicians and observe every detail.

"I don't see the Seervision system as a threat to the work of a cameraman, I see it as a complement"

- René Schönenberger, Video Technician, Tonhalle Zurich

Capturing live performances in this way turns a one-off show into a treasured keepsake or valuable product for ongoing use. We are happy to be able to offer a solution that allows concert halls and their directors to create such an experience. The Seervision Suite allows concert directors to not only approach a wider audience, but also focus on creativity and the beauty of their work.

Capturing the essence of the large orchestra performance requires professional solutions that authentically reflect the experience of a live concert. At Tonhalle, the Seervision Suite seamlessly integrates with an entire production ecosystem to automate and simplify live production workflows. This is done by leveraging the advanced algorithms of Seervision to understand where the action is and create beautiful transitions for the cameras, in the end enhancing the operator’s creativity.

Tonhalle PTZ View

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