We're Seervision

From roboticists and software engineers to producers and designers, we’re all geeks in our field who want to turn the industry on its head. We’re convinced that coming up with innovative solutions is not only about what you know but also about what you are willing to learn. And what better way to learn than from each other? We’re a diverse, international group of people with many different backgrounds and a wide variety of interests. We celebrate these differences and use them to gain unique perspectives and come up with creative approaches to the problems we’re trying to solve. We know that what makes us different makes us better.

Our story

Founded in 2016, Seervision has its roots in multi-camera control research at the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH Zurich. Pulling together our expertise in real-time optimization, computer vision and predictive motion models, we ventured out to create a camera system that can film a moving object while mimicking the movements of a professional camera operator. A first demo of our prototype in a lecture recording setting delivered on the promise: the viewers could not distinguish if the camera movements were controlled by an algorithm or an experienced camera operator. Seervision was born.

We spent the majority of the early days familiarizing ourselves with various robotic camera systems, understanding what made them tick, or better said, tilt. We built a strong knowhow that resulted in an intelligent wearable gimbal camera prototype named Bungito. We then shifted our focus to professional live production and transformed Bungito into Pauli, a Swiss-made robotic head that helped us raise a significant Seed Round.

We gained valuable expertise by bringing in advisors and board members that acknowledged the power of our software, which was able to control a small gimbal camera and a large broadcast camera and lens setup equally well. This is the key element of Seervision’s strategy today: we’re completely robot agnostic and the power of our solution lies in our software, the Seervision Suite.

We’re very grateful to have received widespread recognition through the Swiss Technology Award (2018), the Digital Economy Award (2019) and the 2019 NAB Product of the Year Award. Our success at the 2019 NAB in Las Vegas put Seervision on the radar of worldwide technology providers, broadcasters and video producers.

With the support of the prestigious Wyss Zürich, our team has grown far beyond R&D, delivering our solution to clients with various requirements, all using the same core product – the Seervision Suite. We strive to maintain the freshness that characterized our company since day one and keep delivering impeccable quality to our growing customer base. Stay tuned!


Our values

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  • Embrace differences, be open, and let your opinion be challenged.
  • Introspect, show empathy, and believe in the potential to grow.
  • Share by default and provide reasoning for your actions.
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  • Curiosity and creativity are contagious. Pass them on.
  • Innovate for the benefit of our customers and not for the sake of innovation.
  • Hold yourself accountable for your work and give yourself the chance to learn from your mistakes.
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  • Speak your mind without being hurtful.
  • Know your principles and when to adjust them.
  • Help without bias and being overbearing.

Current openings

Join our Zurich-based team and be part of a rewarding environment driven by innovation! We’re always on the lookout for curious, open and motivated people who are excited about bringing cutting-edge technologies to life.

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Feel free to drop us a line and say hi! We're always open to meeting new people, and you never know when we might need someone just like you!