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2021 was a great year for us here at Seervision. We’ve grown as a company, and continued to produce innovative solutions for our customers. It was such an amazing year that we wanted to look back at everything we’ve done and take stock. Scroll down to check it out!

Our feature releases: the building blocks of autonomous multi-camera productions

Containers: combine sets of customizable shot parameters

2021 saw the release of Containers, one of the most robust and versatile features we’ve ever released. Gone are the days of single shot presets, as users can now combine position, transition, shot, and framing components into a single one-click action that can be triggered autonomously. Containers have the potential to be a big shift in the industry, as we continue to offer our users options to customize their video production workflows.

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Trigger Zones: trigger camera actions entirely autonomously

We also released Trigger Zones this year as a replacement for our previous Pickup Zone. This fully customizable tool allows users to trigger a range of camera actions when a subject enters, stays and leaves a predefined area on stage. Combined with Containers, Trigger Zones allow users to create fully autonomous end-to-end productions without the need for an operator to step in. Trigger zones allow an operator to completely shift their workflow focus to pre-production, reducing stress on production days.

Production API: integration has never been easier

With the public release of our Production API this year, we’ve seen the Seervision Suite being integrated into multi-faceted setups and workflows. The combination of Trigger Zones with our API now allows us to execute camera switches autonomously. This is yet another step towards truly autonomous multi-camera productions. Our API makes it easier than ever for the Seervision Suite to integrate into an existing production workflow.

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Honourable mentions

2021 saw our Pauli Robotic Head get an upgrade. Boasting a range of new specifications, the latest version is now lightweight and has a higher payload capacity. Even with these upgrades, Pauli 2.0 is more cost effective, faster, and smoother than its predecessor.

This year also saw plenty of Computer Vision buffs and PTZ performance improvements going on behind the scenes. We also now offer support for NDI®, which will hold a lot of importance for many years to come.

NDI® is a registered trademark of Vizrt Group.
Pauli robotic head showing ROM

Growth: a year of expansion

2021 was a year of significant growth for us here at Seervision. We successfully closed another funding round and our team of talented individuals continues to grow. We have come a long way in the last year as a company, and we’re gearing up for even more growth. 2021 also saw us signing a number of partnership agreements with big industry names across the globe. You can check out the announcements here:

As we continue to work alongside these system integrators, distributors and agents, we are looking forward to seeing the Seervision Suite continue to improve the lives of our customers.

2021 was truly a fantastic year for us at all levels of the company, as our product continues to improve and our team continues to grow. 2022 will be another huge year for us, and we can’t wait to get started.

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